Wednesday, September 12, 2012


My dream: To document the Fall spent fishing off the back of a Harley.

This was just about the craziest guide season I've ever had. Starting the end of June, rolling right into July. The first day off I had ( somewhere around the eighth of July) I decided to go ride dirt bikes with my brother on some of our local favorite single-track trails in Pipestone. An old mining area, Pipestone is loaded with great elevation changes, trees, boulders, open sand, creek crossings and high speed sections. 

At the end of the day I missed a turn on one of the high speed sections. Couldn't get off the throttle and went flying into the sage brush going 40 mph. The bike peg hit me directly in the leg, and a handlebar to the ribs. I was out of breath and in pain. Riding back to the car was punishing. 

The next day was hard. And the day after that.

The doc said there is nothing to do for broken ribs but rest. My calendar   would not allow the time. Laying down hurt, coughing hurt, rowing a boat hurt. Pulling the boat down main street one morning on my way to work I sneezed. I had to park the car to take in some air as I was short of breath and a phone call away from canceling my trip. 

But I had anglers in Livingston who were counting on me to show them the Yellowstone River, and I'll be damned to deny anybody that pleasure. I worked the rest of the summer wearing a rib belt and an optimistic mind. 

It is September now. The season is winding down and I can finally switch gears. Time to make it happen for myself. Creation and the creative process are incredibly pleasing to me and I am grateful to have the time to do it now.  So here I am trying to make dreams come true.

Once again thank my brother Jared for his go-getter attitude and addiction to throttle. He traded a good friend his Suzuki Supermoto bike for this Harley Sportster. <below>

Jared is on the Couch for the next six weeks after a pretty serious knee surgery. It was time to have it done, he's been living with constant knee pain for a half dozen years or so now. Pre Surgery for him and the season ending for me, The beginning of September allowed us a day or to to get some work done.

We pulled together a team to film and produce a feature highlighting my injury and pulling through. Most importantly though, to visually demonstrate how chasing a dream is therapy for a man just wrapping up a guide season and turning 25 with broken ribs.

For me, the real pleasure comes from directing and coming up with ideas that one way or another help me pursue my own dreams.