Saturday, February 12, 2011

Suenos De Yucatan

My good friend and Guide Joe Sharpe and I spend a good part of our summers waiting around for clients, telling stories and talking.  About tarpon.  Plans were made for February but I was not going to be able to Join the crew heading to San Felipe.  I was very jealous that I would not get to spend time in Mexico with three of my best fishing buddies.

February 4th, 2011. Missoula Montana.  

My phone rings. It's my dad.  "Stone", he says. "Yeah pop?".  "Faulk screwed up his plans, can't go."

"Wanna go to Mexico tomorrow?"

It took me a second to figure out whether or not he was screwing with me or not. He called back ten minutes later and told me I would be flying out of MSO airport in the morning.  

I wore my flats boots to the bar that night. 

Somehow I am never surprised by my life and the crazy opportunities that arise. I'll thank my old man for that one.