Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Windshield Time

Time flies so fast sometimes I have a hard time remembering where I've been and what I've been doing.  It feels good to stop and take a moment to breath.  My life's been crazy in the past six months. Lots of windshield time, lots of time on airplanes. Lots of nights in random hotel rooms, but I'm still breathing.

Spring in Montana, South Dakota, Chicago, California, Mexico, Oregon, Wisconsin.  The summer fishing season had a late start so I did what I could. Played music, spent time with good family, friends, and made time for R & D with new friends.

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Bike days

Bend, OR

Had the pleasure to hang out with RA Beattie in Bend, Oregon in the spring. 
We photographed a guitar for Bob Dylan and put together some other images and video clips for Breedlove Guitar Company. When we were done working, we headed out to learn a bit about the Metolius River. Beautiful place. 

Cali and Dakota

Fishing with Juan in Wisconsin

Home to Chicago

Casa Blanca in Yucatan, Mexico

Guide Season
It was a good one. Met some pretty outstanding people. Well see what happens next year.  

The Fall should be a riot.  In Chicago for a few more days then heading back West to start some film projects and hunt and fish for myself.  Hope to see you there.  Check back for updates and current works