Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Castle Rock: Gallatin River

This winter was a long one.  But a beautiful one. And it kept snowing. Making for a vibrant spring that seemed to be never-ending. With hundred year floods, it took a while for the free-flowing rivers to rid their one channel like stride. July rolled around and we were ready for it, but it came slow. Rivers raging and weather patterns showing no consistency, we were tested. 

Spawning Raimbows: Missouri River 

Summer came like a rolling stone, and rolled right away. Routine trips to the Yellowstone, early mornings and late nights.  Chasing foam, catching brown trout with mice.  It's now september and it feels  as is if August was a year ago. 

The seasons must be changing. I sit with great anticipation for the fall.  Reds, yellows, and browns already beginning to show themselves. Records amounts of migrating birds already starting to make their way into town. It should be one for the Guinness books.  

Midnight float : Lower Madison River

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